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LastSwab Beauty

₱ 875.00
  • The world's first reusable alternative to a cotton swab! One LastSwab Beauty eliminates up to 1000 single-use cotton swabs, and is designed to correct and apply makeup.
    - Can be reused 1000 times
    - Case made of Ocean-Bound Plastic
    - Reduces carbon footprint (CO2) by 83 %
    - Reduces water consumption by 92%
    - Reduces land use by 97 %
    - Reduces primary energy demand by 91 %
    - Considering all 22 environmental impact categories LastSwab is 8.3 times better than single-use
    - After just 34 uses the entire carbon footprint (CO2) of LastSwab is lower than single-use swabs
    The case for LastSwab will last for around 5 years. So take good care of it and it will last for another refill of the swab.
    Ocean-Bound Plastic Certified
    FSC recycled cardboard
    Responsibly produced: We want to be a force for good to our partners, suppliers and manufacturers. This is why all our suppliers and manufacturers are audited and follow our Code of Conduct, promoting good working conditions, safety and limiting the environmental impact of the facility - regardless of where it's produced.

    LastSwab is made in Germany or Slovakia

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