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Shop Makeup Brush Sets

There's nothing as satisfying as applying makeup to a fresh, smooth base. But even the best products won't sit right or wear long on a smooth base without the proper tools for the job. There's a reason why most pro makeup artists invest in a trusty set of brushes—and it's more than just a silky finish. Still not convinced? Find out why you should invest in a trusty set of professional makeup brushes.
Artist's Cosmetic Brush Collection


PHP 3,950.00

Cosmetic Brush Set

Earth Therapeutics

PHP 1,125.00

Must-Have Highlighting Brush Duo


PHP 2,195.00

Must-Have Complexion Brush Duo


PHP 2,195.00

Pro Essentials Eye Brush Set


PHP 1,575.00

Velvet Touch Eye Brush Set


PHP 2,295.00

Complexion Trio Brush Set


PHP 2,295.00

Must-Have Essential Brush Set


PHP 2,295.00

The Smoothest Finish

A good set of brushes will give you a flawless finish. Fluffy brushes with well-proportioned handles allow you to get into the natural contours of your face with ease for that airbrushed look. Using your fingers can lead to uneven and patchy application, with products possibly smudging on your clothes too. Using brushes helps even out the distribution of the product that will sit well on top of your skin. A good practice is warming the product on your skin before picking it up with your brush for more pigmented and effective application.

Safe and Secure

Our hands are easily one of the dirtiest parts of the human body, just because we use them to handle everything. Everywhere your hands have been, and whatever germs, viruses, or microbes you picked up pose a risk of causing breakouts and irritation. Using a sanitized brush not only reduces these risks, but also lessens the exposure to disease-causing contaminants. Makeup brush sets are also much easier to clean and store as it can be sanitized easily with a gentle soap and water or a dedicated brush cleaner.

Peerless Precision

Ever wanted to try unique or experimental eye makeup trends? A complete set of makeup brushes is the key for trying out high fashion or editorial makeup looks or tweaking them for everyday wear. These allow you to really go into your crease and lids with precise brush strokes that don’t pull on the sensitive skin around your eyes. Too much stress and pulling around this area can cause wrinkles and fine lines to form even at an early age.

These are only some benefits for using makeup brushes to apply your products. Shop professional makeup brush sets online today at Beauty Bar for flawless beauty looks with precise and even application.