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Murad Philippines

Founded in 1989 by Doctor Murad himself, this clinically developed skincare brand has helped consumers worldwide to achieve healthy, glowing skin. Murad products were expertly developed by Doctor Murad’s scientific breakthroughs in the Cellular Water Principle, a theory that delves deep into retaining cellular hydration for skin that is healthy, supple, and glowing. Shop Murad in the Philippines from the Beauty Bar!
Essential-C Cleanser


PHP 2,350.00

Clarifying Toner


PHP 1,550.00

Rapid Relief Spot Treatment


PHP 1,350.00

Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream


PHP 4,750.00

Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum


PHP 4,950.00

Retinol Youth Renewal Serum


PHP 5,050.00

Vita-C Triple Exfoliating Facial


PHP 4,350.00

Vita-C Rapid Dark Circle Corrector


PHP 3,550.00

Essential-C Toner


PHP 2,150.00

Outsmart Blemish Clarifying Treatment


PHP 2,550.00

Murad products have long been a staple on the vanities of men and women alike for their excellent quality and practical approach to skincare. Customers that buy Murad products can enjoy the following benefits each time they pick up their holy grails.

Science-Backed Skincare

Murad Skincare has earned favor even from the most critical beauty enthusiasts due to their medical-grade formulations. Doctor Murad has spent decades studying various theories that govern his skincare formulation process. From the Cellular Water Principle that focuses on retaining water deep within our cells, to the phenomena of Cultural Stress—what he defines as the unrelenting day-to-day stress of today’s modern world. With these theories and how it affects our overall health and the quality of our skin, Murad products aim to reduce signs of aging and nourish skin issues based on careful study and scientific method.

A Health-Oriented Approach

At Murad, the philosophy that skincare is healthcare prevails. Aiming not for perfection but for nourishment and health means that Murad products are less about concealing imperfections and more about maintaining skin health on the cellular level. Murad skincare gets this done with powerful hydrating ingredients that aim to preserve our skin barrier and protect our cells from environmental factors.

Intuitive Skincare

Because of its roots in medical study, Murad skincare does more than just address specific skin concerns with one or two items. Murad lines are created to address total skin health with specialized kits and products for whatever your skin is going through. From the Anti-Aging line for tired, aging skin to Acne Control for soothing irritated enflamed breakouts, Murad products are bound to address the toughest of your skin concerns with no problem.

Buy Murad products today for skincare that is science-backed and clinically proven to improve overall skin health.