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Zitcontrol SPF50®


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/You are perfect. You are beautiful/

Acnemy is the natural enemy of acne. A brand for real people with normal problems. We don't believe in the concept of an ideal beauty standard. For us you are perfect exactly as you are. We bust myths about acne and tell you what really works and what does not.

/No one can judge you but you/

We want to improve the lives of people who suffer acne by helping them feel better about their skin. We want to remind them that the most important opinion is one's own and that no one should be judged by their appearance. We want to help to understand acne and raise awareness for its normalcy. We want to draw attention to one’s strength that is always there, but sometimes just needs a nudge.

/Acne is normal. Be real to succeed/

There is no reason to be ashamed of something you have not chosen. Understanding that acne is the most common skin disease is essential to cope with it easily. Normalizing acne helps to address it successfully and to prevent that a skin-related problem is transferred to the emotions, translating into negative thoughts. Skin problems should stay on the skin. Having a realistic approach to the problem and possible solutions is essential to successfully combat it. Our formulas have an efficacy never seen before in non-pharmacological treatments. However, as with any topical treatment, it has its limitations in serious cases and Acnemy we will not play with anyone's hopes, WE DO NOT PROMISE ANYTHING WE WILL NOT ACHIEVE. If our products are not the complete solution to your acne, a visit to a dermatologist is a must.

/Better. Stronger/

Committed to the real problem. Providing real solutions without generating false expectations. We fight to banish complexes. Pushing people to show their true selves because being yourself is always the best option. We bet on boldness, originality, and strength as an attitude towards life. We know that everyone is better than the worst of their problems. Fearless.