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Browse bath bombs
at beauty bar philippines

Self-care starts with good hygiene! Make bath time fun with Beauty Bar Philippines’ bath bomb collection. Our selection of cute and bubbly bath bombs are made with only the finest in nourishing ingredients, making your bath time a fun explosion of color, fragrance, and moisturizing essential oils that leave your skin soft and supple.


Beauty Bar Philippines carries bath bombs that are a great addition to your self-care routine because of the following benefits:


Relaxes Your Senses


After a long week at work, it is important to take some time off for yourself to relax. Bath bombs are a multi-sensory experience that entices all your senses. Enjoy the satisfying ASMR sounds of a bath bomb bubbling away while its colors blend into the warm waters of your bathtub. Fragrant scents of essential oils and the bubbly suds complete this experience, forming a relaxing time that you can’t shake.


Softens Skin


Skin care should not stop with your face. Your body needs some TLC too! Bath bombs are an excellent source of moisturizing, and make a great remedy for dry, stressed-out skin. Some bath bombs even go the extra mile by including gentle exfoliants like salt, clay, or ground coffee beans into the mix so you can slough off dull, dead skin.


A Comforting Care Routine


We all have our bad days, so treating ourselves every now and then is important. Some bath bombs carry scents and essential oils that are known to lessen stress and boost the mood. Citrusy scents are great mood boosters for chasing those bad vibes away, while lavender and mint fragrances can do wonders to help you get some shuteye.


Experience a bespoke soak that is both sustainable and high-quality by shopping our collection of bath bombs from Beauty Bar Philippines!


Stay tuned! We are still curating our selection of bath bombs for this page. Check back again soon or subscribe to our newsletter for updates!