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BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector

₱ 1,925.00
  • A full-coverage color corrector that uses light to brighten dark under eye circles. It’s the same cruelty-free & vegan formula you know and love, now available in an expanded shade range.


    • Color corrects dark circles
    • Deflects light away from dark under eye circles to help brighten & illuminate
    • Nourishes
    • The flexible color correcting cream smooths skin around the eyes
    • Creates an even base for concealer
    • Cruelty-free

    Key Ingredients

    • Peach & Apricot Tinted Pigments: color corrects & neutralizes blue tones under the eyes
    • Backlight Technology: instantly brightens and illuminates under the eyes
    • Vitamin E: nourishes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great product!

I bought this corrector after doing much research for dark under eye correction. I have normal to dry skin and like the hydration the this provides. It stays on all day and I am able to use less canceller now. This is my second purchase.

This color correcting is so good I bought five

I was in the hunt of a concealer that will hide my under eyed circles, but until I found this color corrector, it has made my make up looks so smooth and has corrected that discoloration. What a great product. Thank you.

Ok but not a must have

I don't have very dark circles but bought this product in the shade Medium for days I do when I don't sleep well. This is a very balmy concealer that makes the under eyes look bright & radiant. Almost wouldn't need an actual concealer but it's pigmented so it would look a bit odd if you don't (depending on the chosen shade and your skin tone). You do need to set otherwise the under eyes look balmy/shiny. I kept my skincare the same but I was only able to make it work 1 x using my fingers. After that it just looked patchy when using my NARS concealers. It also felt like an extra step trying to make it work so I returned it since it's not something I really need. Maybe could have used a more moisturizing cream to help with the dry patches. My NARS foundation shade is Patagonia and the shade Medium was the perfect choice for me. I just realized it's not a must have in my makeup collection. I'm not going to say I don't recommend since I feel like some of it was that I just didn't know what to do or how to make it work. If you'd like to try it I'd suggest waiting for a sale

Worth it!!

I first got this product from someone who didnt want it, but i started using and loved it and once i finished i went and bought another! The price might put people off but honestly you dont need to use so much product every time, really love so much!

Beautiful Finish/Still could have more shades

So I remember Samantha Ravendahl raving about this when it was a Becca product but she and I always mourned the fact that it's shade range was abysmal. When it came back with even more shade including one for my skin tone I excitedly bought this. Now the reason I was so convinced I needed this is is because it's a color corrector that I don't have to color correct. I can't just put pure orange/red on my face because all it does is turn my foundation orange/red, and I'm happy to say it did exactly as advertised to me. I can use it around my mouth to correct a lot of the darkness there as well as under my eyes, not to mention the finish on this is just beautiful. If you know of Sam you know her own brand Auric and the main thing she sells "glowlust" and this has the same dewy finish as that to the point I almost don't need the glowlust to hydrate my concealer. I still do because my I still put concealer over this and that I don't trust not to dry out on my, but over all every time I put this on my face I almost only want that on my face. Now there is one caveat, hence my four start review and that is the shade range. I'm obviously happy it went from 2 shades to now 4 shades but the darkest shade is is perfect for my skin tone which means it's lacking because I'm on the 350-410 side of Fenty which while is dark, is not very dark. Meaning there's a whole range of people this is probably much too light on causing more of a white cast than color correction. So it could use at least one more deeper shade, I don't know as I'm not that skin tone so I don't know their specific need in terms of color correction, but I know there could be something darker. That being said, this is a nice start and I actually like that there's a range in this range, but maybe one day they could expand.