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Yope Naturals Cosmetics & Home Products From Europe

Natural cosmetics is something that has been trending in Europe for the last decade, as people get more and more concerned about what they are using and what harm some dangerous elements can to do their bodies long-term. 

YOPE is here to support the idea: it creates high-quality natural soaps, moisturizers, creams, bathing and hair care products, as well as natural and effective household products. All YOPE products are made with up to 99% natural and minimally-processed ingredients. They are beautifully designed and uniquely scented to elevate everyday activities. 

YOPE is a family brand, with honest values, focused on the environment, consistent with the slow life philosophy. It takes its inspirations from vibrant botanicals, world travels, childhood memories and the four seasons. Then, it translates them into high quality products with elaborate, natural and effective formulas, intriguing, distinctive fragrances and beautiful, fun, eye-catching designs. The products are friendly to people, animals and the environment. They create them out of love for nature, children, and unique design, based on a positive and balanced lifestyle. YOPE is a brand that helps turn a house into a home.




YOPE optimised formulas combine synergistic blends of top-grade plant extracts with select natural ingredients that ensure excellent product consistency and effectiveness.


YOPE personal care and home care products are skin-safe, environmentally friendly and made with gentle, non-irritating botanicals.


YOPE formulates products with over 90% natural and minimally-processed ingredients and no substances known to pose a risk to people or pets.


Nearly all YOPE products feature a signature combination of essential oils and skin-safe synthetic fragrances for a pleasing sensory lift.


The packaging adheres to high quality standards and the YOPE universe embodies an aesthetic that is clean but never cold, populated by friendly animal characters designed exclusively for our brand.


The environment is high on the YOPE list of priorities. It limits its footprint and supports sustainable causes. YOPE uses EcoCert ingredients liberally. The cleaning products bear the Ecolabel seal. The packaging is recyclable. YOPE encourages refilling and making refills available to our customers.


YOPE ensures product safety without testing on animals, nor do they use ingredients that have undergone animal testing.

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Words by: Yope 

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