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What to do on Zoom Nights

While your skin might be sheltered from city pollution, trapped indoors comes with its downsides. Overexposure to constant air-conditioning can cause dry patches, and the lack of Vitamin D can make your complexion appear dull. 

Self-Care in Self-Isolation

With Zoom as a sole connection to the world beyond our homes, sticking to a beauty routine can give a boost and help feel a little more normal. With all that time in your hands, throw on a robe and get to pampering:

1. Freshen Up!

It's been tough to even think about pampering ourselves during this time, but a little self-care can be calming! Put your mask back on, and de-stress with a mask!


2. Get hair-less… sort-of.

Shaving and waxing feel more pointless than anything else, but unwanted strands of hair can be quite itchy and distracting. Re-shape your brows or shave off that mustache. Go the extra mile! Shave those legs and feel sexy and refreshed!


3. Primp your hair and do your makeup.

We use makeup for ourselves, and only for ourselves. It gives us that extra “oomph” we need, especially on days when we’re particularly feeling unattractive. So go ahead and do your eyebrows, apply that perfecting base, and your favorite instant-mood lifting lippie!


4. Brighten up your nails

Have you ever noticed how having your nails done can instantly lift your spirits? Have a relaxing DIY mani pedi at home, and paint on bright polish to lift your mood.



COVID-19 is a global pandemic. Check out WHO for the latest information on symptoms, prevention, and the latest updates.

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