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We Are Woman.

Who run the world?


Beauty Bar was established in 1999 to bring the best of makeup and skincare to all makeup-loving Filipinos, especially our gorgeous women! That’s why this women’s month, we want to honor the women who make us who we are.

Skincare and cosmetics are more than just products that help us look and feel good. For many women, these can be tools of empowerment, helping us to feel confident, strong, and capable in our daily lives. We want to empower women and emphasize why it's important to prioritize our self-care routines.

First and foremost, taking care of our skin and appearance can help us feel more confident in our abilities. When we look our best, we feel more prepared to take on challenges and face the world. Skincare and different kinds of makeup can also help us express our individuality and creativity. Experimenting with different colors, textures, and techniques can be a fun and rewarding way to explore our personal style and express our unique personalities.


Feeling Loud & Proud?


Additionally, prioritizing self-care through skincare and cosmetics can help women feel more in control of their lives. In a world where women often face systemic barriers and discrimination, taking time to care for ourselves can be a powerful act of self-love and self-preservation. By investing in our well-being, we show that we value ourselves and our contributions to society.

Of course, it's important to remember that skincare and cosmetics are just one aspect of self-care. We must also prioritize our mental and emotional health, as well as our physical health. However, for many women, skincare and cosmetics can be a practical and accessible way to engage in self-care.


Give your home skin a hug!


At Beauty Bar, we have proudly partnered with brands that not only bring you the best of what beauty can offer, but are also proudly women-led. In celebration of everything the modern woman is, here’s a rundown of some of the brands we carry and the fabulous women behind them.


KORRES – Lena Korres, Co-Founder



The first person to be recruited at KORRES, Lena embraced the pharmacy’s immense knowledge and deep understanding of plants. Through primary and applied research at a cellular level, she was able to “bottle up” the potency of Greek nature in formulations that remedied a plethora of skin concerns: from dryness and dark spots to aging and menopausal skin.


LastObject – Isabel Aagaard, Co-Founder



Isabel Aagaard, 29, is a designer by trade and eco-conscious by nature. Frustrated by all of the single-use products out there, she decided to design innovative solutions to wasteful habits that make a lasting positive impact. As an eco-fighter and power-mom that always leads by example, she truly stands by her products and hopes to inspire others to adapt to living sustainably.


TheBalm – Marissa Shipman, Founder & CEO



The founder and chief executive officer of theBalm Cosmetics in San Francisco, California, Marissa Shipman presides over a company that makes excellent quality makeup including talc-free powders and triple milled pigments that are not tested on animals. Made in America and cruelty free, theBalm Cosmetics are sold domestically and exported to over 100 countries around the world. The firm also sells its products through its own flagship shop on Valencia Street in San Francisco’s Mission District. Over the past 15 years, Marissa Shipman has grown the company from a small, homemade-lip-balm operation into a leading cosmetics manufacturer that offers more than 100 products. Her daily responsibilities include product development, marketing, and social media strategizing.


Anastasia Beverly Hills – Anastasia Soare, Founder



You don’t get to be one of the fastest-growing, global beauty brands by accident. Enter the industry’s biggest disruptor — Anastasia Soare — the creative force behind Anastasia Beverly Hills. Anastasia’s groundbreaking Golden Ratio® method creates the illusion of facial symmetry, balance and proportion, the secret to what makes us see a face as beautiful. You’ve seen her brows on the world’s most famous faces like the Kardashians, JLo, Kylie Jenner, Justin and Hailey Bieber, Victoria Beckham and Michelle Obama.

Every product Anastasia creates is made with extreme purpose, detail and design so you get gorgeous, pro-level results without being a pro. Every formula, every shade, every tool is powerful enough to be used by a master artist, yet effortless enough to be used by a beginner. With 25 years of innovation and experience, it’s no surprise that Anastasia has consistently disrupted the industry and re-defined prestige makeup.


Japonesque – Paula Forberg Beritzhoff, Founder



Back in the 80's when fashion was bold, hair was big and makeup was bright, founder Paula Beritzhoff embraced the look of the decade as an international model.

Her career took her to Japan where she was inspired by the innovative makeup tools and techniques used by Japanese pros. She shared these tools with US makeup artists who quickly fell in love with the sleek designs and high quality. Recognizing the potential, Paula turned her inspiration into a business and Japonesque was born. Almost 40 years later, our professional-inspired products can still be found on movie sets and runways, but also on the counters of beauty enthusiasts everywhere through our distribution with many major retailers.


NUXE – Aliza Jabès



NUXE's history is intricately entwined with that of its founder, Aliza Jabès. A graduate from Science Po Paris, with an MBA in Marketing and Finance, Aliza was a bold business woman who soon wanted to write her own history.

Passionate about beauty since her childhood, she was particularly interested in the properties of plants, encouraged by her father, a researcher in the field of pharmacy. In the early 1990s, she discovered a small Parisian Research Development laboratory which became the birthplace of the brand of beauty products produced from effective and ultra-sensory natural-origin ingredients.

Believing in the importance of promoting her innovative products, Aliza took a decisive commercial gamble by distributing them in pharmacies, at a time when only dermatological skincare products were present in this sector. This trail-blazing decision allowed NUXE to reach its target audience: women looking for natural origin and ultra-effective care products, enhanced with a real touch of sensuality. Sought after by women, NUXE products rapidly became bestsellers, with its transformation into a genuine “love brand”, the leader in major beauty segments in French pharmacy outlets.

In conclusion, cosmetics have the capability of empowering women and helping us feel confident, creative, and in control of our lives. By prioritizing our self-care, our sense of self worth shines through. Let's embrace our beautiful, bold, and bodacious power and use them to elevate ourselves and those around us.

We are Woman.


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