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The Best Cruelty Free Beauty & Skincare Brands In The Philippines For 2020

Have you ever wondered why brands have been trying hard to achieve the cruelty-free seal of approval? It’s because the world of beauty is changing, and so have their testing practices! Gone are the days when hamsters, bunnies, and other furry friends were used in developing products.

But cruelty free doesn't mean brands have only stopped testing their finished formulas on animals, it means that no animal animal testing occured anywhere along the process, from their ingredients, to testing, to any point in the supply chain!

If you want to support the brands or your favorite eye cream makeup that help safeguard our animal buddies in their cozy homes instead of in tiny lab cages, look no further because we’ve got you covered. We’ve scoured the shelves (and the internet) for our favorite cruelty free makeup brands available in the Philippines!

Koh Gen Do

Best Cruelty-Free Aqua Foundation 2018 in the Philippines.

Koh Gen Do is a well-loved brand in the makeup industry. Japanese artistry and technology combined to bring us makeup to fall in love with. Ai Saotome, a Japanese actress, developed the brand because she herself felt her skin start to look dull and distressed from the heavy makeup she used to wear. She missed the healthy glow that is such a trademark of Japanese skin. Inspired by her need to get back her dewy skin and by the skincare tradition of her country, she began to develop a skincare line that eventually extended into the iconic moisturizer foundation. They combine the planet’s most precious botanicals with Japanese skincare technology to make sure that your skin looks good with or without makeup on. 

Their products have graced the faces of our favorite celebrities as we stare at them on gigantic movie screens. Their Aqua Foundation is an essential in any makeup artists kit! To find out their amazing products are cruelty free is every clean beauty guru’s dream come true!

The Inkey List

The best cruetly free Roseship Oil in the Philippines

If this brand hasn’t made it into your skincare essentials, well, this is a sign that you should see right to it. The Inkey List made a splash when it entered the market - and for good reason! It simplified skincare products, and they make sure that you understand what each product does for you.  They want their customers to understand their skincare so they can choose the right products for themselves! Also see: amazing skincare products at a great price point. What more could you want? For it to be cruelty free, maybe? That’s why it’s on the list. As if you needed any more reason to love this brand, they make sure that their brand keeps animals out of their testing labs. Hot tip: Rosehip OIl is a skincare classic that most people have forgotten, but not us!It helps with scarring, pigmentation and is amazing for moisturizing your skin at night.

Full Brow

The best cruelty free Brow Fibre in the Philippines.

A brand dedicated to giving you the best brows of your life! Quarantine has got us all sad and feeling blah, but Full Brow’s fun packaging is sure to add a pep to your step. Perk yourself up by applying their Brow Fibre onto your brows. Just that little self-care step at the start of your day is sure to improve your mood.

Not Your Mother's

The best cruetly free shampoo in the Philippines

Mother knows best, but maybe the best products for your hair are Not Your Mother’s. Old school hair products have a bunch of ingredients that have since made it to the no no list, and Not Your Mother’s makes sure that only the nicest ingredients touch your scalp. Whatever your hair type is, you can rejoice because they’ve got the perfect shampoo that can suit everyone’s needs! If you’re not ready to dive head first into the entire line, start with their Activated Bamboo Charcoal and Purple Moonstone Restore and Reclaim Shampoo. It’s free of all the chemicals that can weigh down your hair, and they are definitely Beauty Bar approved.

Skin 1004

The best cruelty free Madagascar Centella in the Philippines

“Whatever touches the skin must be pristine” - Skin 1004’s brand philosophy. With a philosophy like that, was there ever going to be any question about the quality of their products? Making sure that their Centella comes only from specific regions of Madagascar and picked only by trained pickers is what makes their Madagascar Centella Ampoule so good! That’s just one of their products that showcase the amazing centella leaves extracts, so if you need to combat redness and acne, this is the brand to turn to! Even sensitive, oily, dry or combination skin will love their Centella line, because who doesn’t want cleaner, smoother and ageless looking skin. THe Centella line is even all-natural, cruelty-free, vegan, and does away with unnecessary ingredients so its formula is as mild as it can be. Centella is the ingredient you’ve been looking for and Skin 1004 has got the market cornered.


The best cruelty free winter-warm up holiday kit in the Philippines.

For fans of the eye gels and face masks, Patchology is the brand you’ll want to look into! With products created to suit your skin’s needs, and the amount of time you have available, ‘Beauty at the speed of you’ is precisely what they do. With the -ber month upon us, their Winter Warm Up Holiday Kit is the perfect kit to rejuvenate your hands and feet after all the holiday preparations. It would even make for a great exchange gift surprise!


Toily Spray which can be used in your bathroom.

Look, everyone’s poop stinks and it’s nothing to be ashamed of… but you don’t want everyone to know if you went #1 or #2 every time you exit the bathroom. Poo~Pourri to the rescue! You just spray the bowl before you do your business, and voila! All anyone will smell is a refreshing blend of essential oils! We could not think of a better gift for newlyweds than Poo~Pourri, because you just KNOW at some point, someone’ll have to use the bathroom right after the hubby comes out. It fits that Poo~Pourri encourages you to Share Love Not Stink with a little his and hers spray.

That’s our rundown and we’re sure there A TON of other cruelty free makeup and self-care brands available in the Philippines, but there are just a few of our favorites! Make the switch to these cruelty free brands so you not only look good, you DO GOOD!

Plant Apothecary

Cleansing skincare from Plant Apothecary.

Direct and straight to the point. Whether you have sensitive skin, acne, lighter or darker skin, bumpy or smooth, Plant Apothecary has a product that’s perfect for you. Their Certified Organic ingredients make sure that your cleansing selfcare experience is animal and eco-friendly. With their amazing roster of products, it’ll be hard to pick just one, so why not grab them all! Their Set of 5 Travel Size Body Washes are available due to popular demand. See, you aren’t the only one that can’t pick a favorite.


Tanning Mouse from Ecococo.

If you love animals and coconuts, look no further, Ecococo has got your back! And your head, shoulders, knees, and toes. With products ranging from face cleansers to body scrubs, shampoo to massage crystals, you can purchase your entire skincare and pampering routine from this Australian brand! Not to mention their standout product: their Bronze Tanning Mousse. I know, I know, Filipino women already have a beautiful golden complexion, but this is great in case you’ve been missing that beach glow oomph! Yeah, you know the one. Also, all of their packaging is eco-friendly. What?! Yeah, it’s amazing. We know!

UpCircle Beauty

The best cruelty free soap in the Philippines.

UpCircle Beauty started with a question: How much is going to waste from coffee shops? The answer? A lot! So, the brand’s founders decided to do something to reduce that waste by turning those coffee grounds into natural soaps, scrubs, and serums. They aim to leave the world better than they found it, so not only do they keep animals away from their testing process, they’re trying to better the world they live in, as well!

If you love having a cup of chai latte to start your day, you’ll love UpCircle Beauty’s Fennel and Cardamom Chai Soap Bar. This soap bar is wonderfully exfoliating that hydrates your skin, too!


Yope has the safest and best hand soap for kids.

Yope is a brand that was created with families in mind. Just look at their Hand Soap for Kids! It is adorable, and if you aren’t absolutely in love with it, I’m sure your kids will be. The amazing duo behind the brand wanted to make natural personal care and home care products that are not just affordable, but appealing, as well - and so, they did! With adorable animals adorning all of their packaging, you KNOW they’re all for keeping the animals safe.


The best cruelty free lip balm in the Philippines.

We’re all cheering hip hip Hurraw for their amazing array of lip balms! They’re made with organic AND VEGAN raw ingredients. They also have bee free, shea free, soy free, and palm free variants! Protect those lips with their Papaya Pineapple Lip Balm - just one of their very many lip balm flavors that you’re sure to enjoy.

Lily Lolo

Facial blush brush from Lily Lolo.

Don’t worry makeup lovers, we haven’t forgotten about you! Get your makeup fix from Lily Lolo. They dedicate themselves to keeping any nasty ingredients out of our makeup. They’ve got mineral foundation, blush, eyeshadow palettes, and even brushes! We just love how soft their Blush Brush is! And it’s shape and size make it so versatile. You can do your whole face with just one brush (and a bit of cleaning between steps).


The best cruelty free beard oil in the Philippines.

Coming at you with a brand that is ‘For every bit, of every body’ (their words, not mine). Grüum brings you clean skincare, haircare, and shaving solutions! The leif Beard oil is a favorite among beard enthusiasts - whether they’re aspiring beard growers, or full-fledged Vikings. They also do away with the pink tax making sure that their products are priced fairly for men AND women. We stan brands that promote equality!


The best cruelty free deodarant kit in the Philippines.

If you’re looking for a cruelty free, artificial fragrance free, and 100% natural deodorant, then SWAY! SWAY provides you with products that work, and have a list of ingredients you can recognize. They demystify the science of smelling good -  and their deodorants work for up to 48hrs! Natural deodorants are not antiperspirants, and while they keep you smelling fresh and clean, they do not stop you  from sweating - and that’s a GREAT thing. Their Detox Deodorant Kit includes  their natural deodorant stick, and their unique dusting powder. The roll-on deodorant keeps you smelling fresh, and their dusting powder helps you feel fresh all day and prevents chafing.





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