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The Best Body Washes For At Home Pampering

Our daily routines have drastically changed since the start of the quarantine—from jam-packed schedules that required us to bounce around the metro, juggling work, spinning classes, coffee runs, and manicure appointments—we are now home all the time. 

And in the midst of this sudden shift, we’ve come to appreciate everyday luxuries, specifically that of taking a bath. Rather than a sidekick to the day’s main events, bathtime has quickly become our favourite part of the day. The feeling of hosing down the virus that might be on our body is just as rewarding as the feeling of having a few minutes to ourselves. 

With this realization, we’ve also come to appreciate another underdog: the humble body wash. We’ve become obsessed with which soap to use—not because any one is better at keeping COVID away (we’re dealing with a virus, not a bacteria)—but because some are better than others when it comes to feeling pampered at home. Below we’ve outlined some of our favourite treats, from delicious summer-inspired washes to relaxing nighttime shower gels.


Creightons Feather & Down Bath Essence

We all know the importance of getting some beauty sleep, especially now that we’re battling a pandemic. Perfect for nighttime baths, lather this on before you go to bed—the blend of lavender and chamomile essential oils is like a dreamy lullaby that will sing you to sleep.

Up Circle Beauty Cinnamon and Ginger Chai Soap Bar

Up Circle Beauty Cinnamon and Ginger Chai Soap Bar

    This is usually used as a facial foam cleanser, but here’s a tip: this works amazing on the body too. We love how there are tiny bits that gently exfoliate the skin, as well as pink clay that calms any irritation or redness. 


    Ecococo Body Wash

    Ecococo Body Wash

    Rich in Vitamins A, C, and E, Ecococo will give you a nice, healthy glow. Factor in the beach-inspired packaging plus the delicious coconut scent and you’ll see why we’re obsessed with this body wash. This is summer in a bottle while we’re stuck in the metro.


    Yope Geranium Shower Gel

    It’s a good thing we have the time now because Yope makes us want to take extra long showers. One whiff of this shower gel’s bright notes and our mood is instantly lifted. It’s formulated with active plant-based ingredients which basically means hydrated and supple skin.

    Mr Perfect Wrap Soap Bar for Men
    BONUS: Mr. Perfect Wrap Soap Bar

    This one we don’t technically use but we do love giving it to the men in our lives—dads, brothers, boyfriends—because the smell is amazing (spearmint and patchouli), plus it’s made with shea butter. You know how some people can’t be bothered to put on lotion even when their skin is crusty from all the isopropyl alcohol they’ve been dousing on themselves? This helps solve that.

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