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Style and Perfume: Match Your Outfit to the Perfect Miss Kay Scent

There are many ways to express what we feel inside. Through clothing, accessories, makeup, and more. That is what's so amazing about fashion and style, as your vibes changes so does the shade of your lipstick or the cut of your dress. Miss Kay was created with expression in mind - for you to express your feelings to the world not only through fashion but also through scent. Below is a guide on how to dress to impress for your current mood and pair it with the perfect scent! Miss Kay approved of course :)  

Outfit: Flowy and Free
Makeup: Light with Brown Undertones
Current Vibe: Music Festival Ready

Bring on the adventure! Ready in hand with your self-made flower crown, the beat of the music transports you to a green, lush forest wonderland. You want to be dressed for the occasion with a flowy floral dress and free flowing hair. Miss Kay's Boho Vibes warm and woody scent pairs perfectly with the free and laid-back atmosphere. Accessorize with lots of bangles and long tassel earrings - shoes, optional ;)


Outfit: Flirty First Date
Makeup: Attractive and Alluring
Current Vibe: Loving Love!

Cartoon hearts seems to float around you wherever you walk. Feeling romantic, you dress the part with a sweet, charming dress and simple jewelry; diamond studs with an elegant necklace. Delicate and floral, just like a fresh bouquet of first-date flowers, walk through a fine mist of First Love to complete this dreamy fairytale look. XOXO, Miss Kay

Outfit: Cute Yet Sexy
Makeup: Luminous and Sparkling
Current Vibe: Cue the Confetti

Get ready to own the night with Glam Girl! Sweet yet tempting, this is the ideal scent to elevate any glitter glam party dress. Increase your fabulous glitter power with sparkly eyeshadow and disco ball bright highlighter. Killer high heels and bright, pouty red lips are a must for an all-eyes-on-me finished outfit. Cheer my dear, enjoy your night out!



Outfit: Light colors with a Flirty Fit
Soft and Glowing
Current Vibe:
Watching the Clouds Go By

The day is warm, sunny, and bright - perfect for laying down underneath the shade of a big tree and letting the soft breeze drift through your comfy, loose fitting clothes. Barely there, fresh makeup is elevated by the soothing and gentle scent of Daydreamer.  Close your eyes- allow your mind to wander. The thoughts float in and out of your mind like a free-flowing river, clam and relaxing. Imagine all the wonderful possibilities this day (and your life) could become!



Outfit: Short-shorts and Bikini Top
Makeup: Summer Glow
Current Vibe: Made For Summer

Heatwaves and bikinis are your idea of the perfect day. Outfit choice should be barely there since you need to catch some summer rays for that golden tan! Flip-flops are your go-to shoes, accessorize with a colorful friendship anklet to add to the fun and laid-back feel of the moment. Look a cool, refreshing fruity drink - cool down some of that summer sizzle with Sun Kissed. The invigorating scent will not only compliment your hot outfit but add to the sultry summer state of mind.



Styles and fashion can constantly change and now so can your perfume! Mix and match your Miss Kay fragrances to achieve the look that best shows what you are doing and feeling. So now the only question left to ask is this - what’s your story today?


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