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Salon Treatments You Can Do At Home

It’s safe to say that we’ve all learned a couple of new things while #socialdistancing. How to cut hair, how to make dalgona coffee, and how to bake cookies are just some of the questions that have been on everyone’s minds recently—activities like these are a great way to keep up a semblance of normalcy with our “usual” lives pre-quarantine.

In that spirit, we’ve started experimenting with other diy projects as well, including doing our usual salon treatments ourselves. Below we share the essential products that keep our skin looking healthy and glowy. 

Pili Beauty Deep Detox Volcanic Ash Set

That’s right, this mask’s formulated with volcanic ashes, specifically that of Mayon’s. One use of this locally made mask and your skin will feel softer and firmer. Plus points for the brush-style application. It definitely makes the experience feel more pampering. 

Pili Ani Set  

The Inkey List Lactic Acid

Pre-quarantine routines include facial treatments from our dermatologist. In the meantime, you can keep your skin acne-free with The Inkey List’s Lactic Acid serum. It contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids or AHAs—water soluble exfoliants derived from natural substances like fruits that will give your skin a glow.

                                                The Inkey List Lactic Acid


Lululun Classic Moisturizing Face Mask

This cult favourite product is popular for its plumped and moisturized finish, minus the stickiness that other brands give. Lululun’s masks are formulated for everyday use, so consider this your daily dose of me time.

Lululun Pink Moisturizing Mask


Juice Organics Repairing Hair Mask

Your hair needs a little TLC too, especially if it’s coloured or treated. This coconut, argan, and jojoba infused mask from Juice Organics is the perfect alternative to your regular hair spa treatments. Just leave this on for 5-10 minutes for proper hydration, or 20-30 minutes if you need a deeper treatment. Rinse thoroughly, and voila! Soft, shiny tresses.


Patchology Posh Peel Pedicure

While we can’t go to our favourite salons to get a foot spa, keep your feet pampered with Patchology’s Posh Peel Pedicure. With just a single 60 minute treatment, this softens dry patches, exfoliates dead skin, and brightens feet. It’s so easy to do, you can even squeeze this in during Zoom calls.

Patchology Posh Peel Pedicure

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