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Register now Columnists Talk About Conscious Beauty Ft. Marie Lozano

By: Marie Lozano

Marie Lozano shares her journey of motherhood amid an ongoing pandemic, along with secrets on how she maintains her beauty all throughout.

Motherhood is one of the hardest roles to play no matter what. It’s hard enough that you worry about so many things on a normal basis. Take for example the health of your partner and kids, their safety, and overall well-being. Add into the mix the roles you need to play—a wife and partner, house manager, teacher, playmate, chef, and more. This doesn't even include the demands of work, which is also taxing in its own right.

And even more so during this pandemic! You aren't just worrying about a virus and not catching it. You even need to consider its psychological impact on your kids, and think of how you can protect them, too.

All of this can take a toll on both your health and appearance. That's why I believe that a good skincare routine is important. This is a non-negotiable—something you can't delay or avoid. Because in the long run, you can't cram this, nor can you stop the inevitable: aging.

The Importance of Looking Your Best

Despite the humdrum of my daily life, one thing remains constant: my skincare routine. We aren't getting younger, after all—that's something we all need to accept. But, even so, we can still look as fresh and as vibrant as we once were. That is... if we take care of our skin with the right products.

I find that I am learning to be more mindful and holistic in my approach to beauty. It’s not just about what I apply to my skin—I think about everything that goes into my body. Since we are in the middle of a health crisis, we've been very particular about our hygiene, safety, and health. Thus, it's just as important to highlight the benefits of what being healthy can do to our physical appearance.

Of Conscious Beauty and Mindfulness

I've also become more mindful of what ingredients go in the products I use. Additionally, I prefer products that don’t do animal testing and take accountability for their carbon footprint. My partner is an environmental journalist, so I too have started taking tabs on clean products—even before the pandemic. And much to my joy, I am noticing that more and more products are taking the clean beauty approach.

Again, it’s all holistic. Although, you will read nowadays that conscious beauty means using natural, clean, green or sustainable products, I think that it's also about loving the skin you are in. Embracing what you think are your flaws. It’s also about nourishing from within.

Beauty Inside and Out

Taking all these into consideration, I have become very particular in what products I use. One of my latest discoveries includes Burt's Bees. Aside from using natural ingredients, this American brand sources its ingredients responsibly. And it doesn't test its products on animals—both definitely plus points in my book.

Although this brand is famously known for its lip balms, their line of personal care and beauty products have also caught my attention. Its Sensitive Skin Care line, for example, uses gentle ingredients that clean just as well without causing irritation. From cleansers to towelettes, toners, creams, and more, you've got the whole skincare package already.

As a mother, I can attest to dry hands—the aftermath of cooking and cleaning on a regular basis. On the other hand, being a host makes me a constant victim of chapped lips. To help with these, I personally enjoy using the soothing Lavender and Honey Hand Cream to keep my hands soft and fragrant. 


As for my lips, a good Lip Care Regimen—featuring a Conditioning Lip Scrub, Overnight Lip Treatment, and the Classic Tinted Lip Balmsdoes the trick nicely.


Remember mommies, taking care of your family is just one thing, but don't forget to also take care of yourselves. Set aside some pampering time to rejuvenate and reenergize, and you'll start the day fresh—trust me!

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