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By: Geewel Fuster

Geewel Fuster shares the importance of making conscious choices for your skincare routine and why going back to nature is a form of self-love.

For years, I’ve been looking after my skin—predominantly focusing on getting that illuminating and brightening effect. But after trying product after product, I learned about which ones suited my skin and lifestyle. Just like moving on from LV—but never fully shifting to a Moynat tote—your skincare choices will speak gracefully about your manners and who you are.

And with the journey of achieving perfect skin comes learning how to love everything about your skin type, too.

My Skincare Routine

My skin type is both combination and super sensitive, especially since I have skin asthma. And in the quest to find the right product, I've tried different brands throughout the years. Now that I have a clear idea of what works best, I know already which products to get. No more second-guessing. I only use what my skin needs at the moment for my skincare routine.

As for my skincare routine in the morning and evening, they're basically the same—except I use extra moisturizer and lip care in the evening for better skin. My face wash in both instances is a basic soap-free cleanser from my dermatologist. Next, I use toner, then follow it up with a moisturizer. In the morning, I use sunblock, while in the evening, I use an organic serum when needed.

But at the end of the day, I'd slather some of Burt's Bees Lavender and Honey hand cream on my hands and massage them to help me relax. Additionally, I'd use the Conditioning Lip Treatment from Burt's Bees at night, along with Burt's Bees Lip Scrub every once a week to exfoliate my lips.

Essential Skincare Items

In between using different skincare products, I always have my go-to with me: Burt’s Bees Tinted and Classic Lip Balms. I make it a point to stock up on these since I really can't function with a bad case of dry lips! And I can't help it—my lips are one of my assets, especially since I talk to people a lot. That, and it's what they usually notice when you start a conversation.

But even more so, I love giving kisses to my boys every now and then. That's why I obviously want to use the best and cleanest product on my lips! Since Burt’s Bees uses beeswax as its key ingredient, it nourishes deeply within and has good moisturizing properties. Out of all their flavors, my fave blend is the Coconut and Pear lip, which perfectly glides on my lips.

Redefining the Concept of Beauty

Since the pandemic has taught me to be more conscious about my health, I'm now keen to using everything natural and organic. That's why I'm looking into products that are certified vegan. There are a lot of varieties out there, but trust me, you will be amazed at just the basics. Compared to the expensive and overrated skincare products in the market, all-natural variants do the job nicely.

You may have to read up and research the ingredients you're putting on to your body, especially since the skin is the largest organ. But trust me, looking out for quality skincare products is better than just joining the fad.

Conscious Beauty, Explained

Conscious beauty is a term that has been making its rounds lately. For me, it just means picking the right skincare to match your lifestyle and well-being. Since I am conscious about what I eat, I too am particular about what I put on my skin. Both of these are, after all, a complete equation of my wellness.

Natural ingredients are important to me. Because of this, I'm transitioning towards a beauty regimen that is both natural and mindful. To help nature, I plan on going organic—with both my skincare routine and my diet. Yes, I am slowly starting to go vegan.

Aside from a healthy diet, staying fit is just as important. That's why I make it a point to incorporate exercise along with my busy schedule of working and motherhood. After all, I believe that being healthy inside and out will give you the extra mileage to do all your tasks. This zeal just makes life more meaningful. And me? I'd feel more powerful.

Making Conscious Choices

The idea of going “clean” with our skincare routine has become increasingly relevant during this pandemic. After all, we all want to start afresh and have a clean slate—figuratively and literally. As conscious buyers, we have become smarter and more critical about the ingredients that go into the products we use. We now understand that what we put on our skin is just as important as what we put into our bodies. 

This is why overall, making informed choices is key. And I personally believe in Burt’s Bees. This brand is known for its true-to-nature campaign. It not only focuses on being kind to our skin, but also to the environment. Additionally, it advocates respecting our planet—going full circle from manufacturing to usage and eventually, disposal.

A Celebration of Love

Aside from learning to love myself—from my skin down to my entire being—I'm setting the bar high for my two boys. I too want them to appreciate the concept of beauty. I want them to know that beauty comes from both inside and outside the body. I want them to grow, knowing that their mother chose the best products. Likewise, I want them to make the same decisions and to advocate the idea of clean living.

Having a good relationship with friends is just as important. I also make it a point to be more goal-oriented at work. If anything, the pandemic has taught us to be resilient in so many ways. In the end, we learn to adapt and conquer. We learn to thrive.

And to do so, incorporating clean and kind products such as Burt’s Bees in our daily routine is the best way to maintain a thriving lifestyle.

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