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Finest Eyebrow Pencils to Use this Summer

Eyebrows frame your face, so come rain or shine, you want them to stay on. In the summer months though, it may be wiser to pare down your products to the bare minimum to look as fresh and natural as possible. Finding the products that can give you the best results can be tricky sometimes, especially when your dream product needs to give you long lasting skinny brow strokes that will last through your favorite activities. With our wide variety of eyebrow products which you can find here, we’ve found the best brow pencils for summer, and we’ve put it all in this list so you can take your pick and not worry about the state of your brows for the rest of the day.

Anastasia BeverlyHillsBrow Wiz

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

The go-to for all brow connoisseurs is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. The twist-up pencil is skinny and easy to apply. The wax formula is the perfect consistency and delivers just enough pigment. It’s the easy answer to perfect summer brows, allowing you to draw each stroke with ease and precision. It’s availability in 10 different shades makes it easy to match the brow pencil to your summer hair color, so this is definitely an easy reach if you’re looking for a summer brow pencil.

Koh Gen Do Eyebrow Pencil

Koh Gen Do Eyebrow Pencil

If there’s anything that the Japanese people are known for, it’s precision, so it’s not a shock that one of the most precise eyebrow pencils on the market comes from Japan. The Koh Gen Do Eyebrow Pencil is designed to help you perfect your arches and fill in any patchy areas. The pigments are resistant to oils and sweat that will stay put no matter what the circumstance. It’s loaded with T3 Oil and smoothing hydrolyzed silk to condition your brow hairs as the pencil glides onto the skin without tugging.

K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Last 3-Way Eyebrow Pencil 24H

K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Last 3-Way Eyebrow Pencil 24H

The 24H label on this product does not lie. The K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Last 3-Way Eyebrow Pencil 24H will stay on your face no matter what you do, and what sets this apart from the other brow products in this list is the variety of  applicators. If you want precision, you’ve got the skinny retractable pencil to make sure that your brow hairs are immaculate. If you want added depth with little to no fuss, you can use the brow powder applicator. If you just want a quick comb-through, you can use the little spoolie that comes at the end of the pen. The pencil wax is quick-drying and is resistant to both water and oil, so your perfectly drawn brows are safe and secure.

Full Brow Skinny Brow

Full Brow Skinny Brow

The precise brow pencil is a heaven sent for all HD brow lovers out there. Full Brow Skinny Brow’s slim retractable pen is made for precision and extra fine details so drawing on your fantasy brows are an easy task. The spoolie is stiff enough to lay down those stubborn stray hairs without scratching at your skin. The formula contains Vitamins C and E to nourish and the three different colors they come in makes it easier for you to match your style and vibe.

So take your pick and get on with your bad self! Have a perfect brow filled summer!

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