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Elixirs & Co. Creator of Natural Well-Being Since 1993

In recent years, essential oils and other natural remedies have become increasingly popular in the self-care space. More and more people are seeing the benefits of using clean and natural products to help with ailments or emotions. However, with the variety of products available, it can sometimes be confusing on which essence best fits our needs.

Elixirs & Co. is a brand based in France that formulates essential oils using bach flower remedies. Essential oils are very potent and fragrant, cold pressed oils. While Bach flower remedies can only be created with 38 specific wild plants / flowers that have specific benefits and companies that use this method must strictly use the original method developed by Dr. Edward Bach. With their wide range of products they have made distinguishing the ideal essential oil for your mood a lot easier. 

The Sleep range

Not only does this range help achieve a deeper, calmer and more restful sleep, it also regenerates the cells and proteins that make up our immune system.


The Energy Range

With everything happening around the world, it can be unsettling and overwhelming. Recharge and re-energize yourself with The Energy combination elixir, bach flowers and essential oils.


The Urgency Range

When faced with a crisis, these items can bring comfort and lighten up your mood. The “Urgency” blend by Elixirs & Co is composed of 7 flowers that help eliminate an adrenaline overflow.


The Stress Range

When the stress sets in, escape the pressure with a little tranquility and serenity. 

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