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Braid Your Hair Without a Care

If you haven’t heard, braids are back in style! Don’t believe us? Take it from celebs Hailey Bieber and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley who totally owned the look:
From waterfall braids to cornrows to boho braids, your hairstyle can easily go from mess to OBSESSED with just a few twists and turns of the wrist. Even just a simple braid is enough to elevate your entire hairdo and give the impression that you put effort into your look 😉
Don’t let the fear of hair damage stop you from adorning your pretty head with pretty plaits. Shop Beauty Bar Philippines’ arsenal of hair care products that will fight damage and enhance your ‘do!

Nourish your hair with the KORRES Almond & Linseed Hair Mask!

This hair mask nourishes dry/damaged hair, preventing breakage and split ends. This combination of almond and linseed acts as hydrating agents that aid in restructuring dry hair for easier styling. Simply dispense a quarter-sized dollop, massage gently onto towel-dried hair and leave on for 3-5 minutes. Rinse and voila! Use twice a week to maintain hair health.

Soothe your scalp with Strengthening Scalp Serum for Weak Hair from Hairvest!

Designed to act directly on the hair follicle to prevent hair breakage and maintain healthy follicles, this serum from Hairvest strengthens the hair from within and restores its structure, strength and elasticity from the root. Formulated with Hairvest’s exclusive Epigenetic Scalp Reset active release technology, the serum contains a powerful combination of natural plants with high antioxidant, conditioning, and soothing power, capable of restoring your scalp's natural balance. Shake the product well before use and evenly distribute a whole pipette once a day drop by drop to different points of your scalp, separating the hair strands so that the product penetrates the hair follicle. Gently massage with the fingertips to stimulate microcirculation and promote its total absorption. Thanks to its light, non-greasy and fast-absorbing formula, there’s no need to rinse!


Add a pop of color with Good Dye Young’s Temporary and Semi-permanent Hair Colors!



GDY’s semi-permanent hair dye line combines salon-grade pigments with a nontoxic, conditioning formula that deposits ultra vibrant color. Semi-permanent hair dyes do not damage the hair, in fact they’re super conditioning! GDY’s formula combines a high-quality cream base – like a hair mask with essential oil benefits. The color is deposited on top of the hair shaft and acts like a stain that will fade out over time each time you wash your hair. Color can last anywhere from 4-6 weeks. All GDY hair colors are free from 4-ABP, Ammonia, Peroxide, Formaldehyde, PPD’s, Persulfates, Parabens, Resorcinol, MEA, Nickel, Bleach, Phthalates

AND are vegan and cruelty free!


Detangle and add shine to your hair with the Brillance Express Detangling Spray from Evoluderm!

Silicone-free and specially formulated to be suitable for all hair types, the Brillance Express Detangling Spray instantly and perfectly detangles the hair. An effective shine elixir, its formula with Silk smoothes the hair fiber and restores suppleness and radiance. With no need to rinse and just a few sprays, your hair is enveloped in a fresh fragrance with fruity notes. Simply spritz onto dry or damp hair and style as usual!


Keep every little hair in place with our 300-count Bobby pins from Marilyn Brush!



Featuring a non-twist, rust-resistant finish, these pins are ball-tipped and coated for extra comfort so you can wear it all day long.

Shop now only on Beauty Bar 😘


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