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Which is the best lip balm for dry lips

Dry lips is a problem everyone has encountered at some point in their lives, and there are an endless number of causes! The draining heat may be a culprit of your chapped lip woes. Seeing as we live in the Philippines,a tropical country, we know that sweltering heat is unavoidable, so take shelter in the shade when you can, and that might ease the chapping. Another common cause for dry lips is dehydration. Your skin needs to be hydrated from the inside too, so making sure that you have enough water in your system is key to having plump lips! Exhaustion could also be causing your lips to flake. Overtiring yourself is never a good idea, and aside from causing dark bags under your eyes, it can wreak havoc on your skin and your lips. Getting enough rest, taking mental health days, or even just taking a few minutes for yourself every day is a good way to combat that exhaustion. But there might be a chance that an underlying skin condition is the reason behind the dryness of your lips, so maybe it’s time for you to get checked up by a dermatologist. But maybe too much kissing is causing your lips to chafe (a bittersweet lucky you)? If so, please make sure you are taking proper safety precautions when or if you are kissing people during this pandemic. Whatever is causing your painfully dry lips, there is an easy fix: lip balm!

Lip balm is a must in everyone’s kit of essentials. A lip balm’s primary function is to create a barrier between the delicate skin on your lips and the harsh elements in our environment. The lip balm’s waxy texture makes sure that it stays put when applied to the lips. On top of that, lip balm does not only prevent chapped lips, it helps your lips heal faster. While all lip balms can perform these basic functions, not all formulas are created equal… they’re also priced at such a wide spectrum of price points. Different lip balm formulations will suit different dry lip concerns and causes so we’ve done our research, hit the books, looked at ingredients lists with our handy dandy magnifying glasses and broken down some commonly used lip balm ingredients so we can help you find that magic ingredient that’ll turn your parched pucker into fluffy, cloud-like kissers. Here are our choices for the best lip balms in the Philippines.

Petroleum Jelly, Petrolatum, Mineral Oil

Petroleum jelly is a staple in every household as a cure-all for any skin flakes, lumps and bumps, and no one can deny its effectiveness. Petroleum jelly was probably the first lip soother to ever grace your lips, it might even be on your lips right now. Its accessibility has made it a very popular solution to chapped lips - so popular, that petroleum jelly companies have created formulations that are made specifically for your lips! It probably also helps that Vaseline lip therapy is separate from your other petroleum jelly needs so you aren’t dipping into a tub that has been touched by fingers that rubbed that same goop onto the crusty bits of their feet.

Petroleum jelly, petrolatum, and mineral oil are all derived from crude oil, and it’s caused a huge debate in the beauty industry. Crude oil is what’s used to run your car, if that helps clear anything. What’s misunderstood about it is that these actually go through an ultra-refining process that strips away all the impurities that results in the clear substance that’s safe for cosmetic use.

Dr. Pawpaw is the best lip balm Philippines.

Dr. Pawpaw is another petroleum-based formula that you can slap on any skin problem you can think of and it’ll soothe those issues. Dr. Pawpaw’s Original Balm is made from all natural ingredients, and it’s fragrance free, so if you’re sensitive to smells and scents, this might be the balm for you. It’s a favorite amongst travelers because Dr. Pawpaw’s easy squeeze tubes help regulate the amount of product that comes out, and is mess free!

We rave over these ingredients but it’s worth noting that petroleum jelly and mineral oil are not universally tolerable. It may yield great results for some, but cause irritation and adverse effects for others.


Some people will live and die by lanolin as a remedy for dry lips. It’s one of the oldest ingredients on the market that advertises as a remedy for any dryness, and it’s pretty much held true. But what is lanolin made of?

Lanolin is an animal-derived ingredient that comes from sheep’s wool. Refined lanolin keeps moisture in and maintains the soft feeling in your lips. Those are some great pros right? A downside though, is it may cause allergic reactions in some. However, if lanolin works for you, this ingredient will keep your lips plump and moisturized like nobody’s business.


Perhaps an ingredient you actually know is what you want to moisturize your lips. Honey is a great ingredient because it has a variety of healing properties. It hydrates, evens out texture, plumps the skin, and it has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties! A lot of lip balms incorporate this ingredient in their formulas, which is great news because it is an amazing ingredient.

Smearing raw honey on your lips is honestly not a terrible idea if your lips need some soothing. We do not, however, recommend leaving the house with those sticky lips because that sweet nectar will surely run down your face… it might make for a great snack, though.


Burt's Bees is the best lip balm Philippines.

Beeswax is an ingredient that is incorporated more for structural purposes than anything else, but it is great if you dislike that greasy feeling on your lips. It tends to be a bit more matte on the lips. The waxier the balm, the more beeswax is in it.

An easily identifiable yellow tube, with the friendly old man on the label. Who doesn’t love Burt’s Bees lip balm? This brand loads up its lip balms with beeswax. A personal favorite is their Pomegranate Lip Balm. It’s great for healing scars caused by frequent cracking of your skin lips. The pomegranate oil encourages the production of collagen and enhances skin elasticity. I rotate between that and their Ultra Conditioning Balm because I’ve got severely dry lips and this formula really hits the spot. But any Burt’s Bees lip balm you choose is great, because all of them are non-greasy and extremely moisturizing.

Nuxe's Reve de Miel Ultra Nourishing is the best lip balm Philippines..

Nuxe’s Reve de Miel Ultra Nourishing and Repairing Honey Lip Balm is a brilliant combination of beeswax and honey! It’s a delicious, luxurious remedy to even the most decimated pair of lips. It glides on like a dream, and it tastes like heaven. It’s on the pricier side of the lip balm spectrum, but it is an undeniably great product. If you’ve got room in your budget for this luxury, it’s one we definitely recommend for those with chronic dry lips. This is best for home use because it’s so rich. It’s perfect to slather on the lips before getting some shut eye or a thick layer when you do a stay-in spa night with your friends.

Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter

While these ingredients might not be the best for your skin since they can cause blackheads and clog pores, they can do wonders for your lips! Shea butter is rich in fatty acids and contains components which can heal wounds and soothe inflammation. Cocoa butter, on the other hand, contains an array of vitamins like A1, B1, C, D, E, iron, and magnesium which are needed to maintain pretty, plump, and healthy lips!

Fancy Handy's is the best lip balm Philippines.

Fancy Handy’s Lip Balm Stick in Cactus Desert and Shea Butter is a mix of a familiar and an unfamiliar ingredient. We know the benefits of shea butter, and those benefits get amped up by the beneficial properties in the Cactus Desert. It helps protect against sun damage and increase collagen production. The cactus desert also helps keep the lips hydrated and nourished.

If you’re not quite comfortable putting the extracts of a prickly plant on your lips, a good shea butter based formula is Pixi’s Shea Butter Lip Balm. It even comes in an array of shades that you can swipe on for an easy pop of color.

Perhaps cocoa butter is more your jam, then the world-renown Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Original Ultra Moisturizing Lip Balm with SPF 15 and Enriched with Vitamin E might be the answer to your dry lips needs. It feels great on the lips and it protects them from sun damage and wind burn!

Natural Oils

Marula, coconut, olive, jojoba, almond, sunflower, and hemp seed oils are the oils we are talking about. These oils can be used to moisturize the skin, and you can get similar beneficial effects on the lips. They form a protective layer and deeply moisturize the skin thanks to the fatty acids they contain and are rich sources of antioxidants.

Human Nature is the best lip balm Philippines.

Our home grown skincare brand, Human Nature, produces amazing sunflower oil-based products, one of which is the Human Nature Sunflower Lip Miracle. It is as it claims, a lip miracle in a little tube. The sunflower oil contains a truckload of Vitamin E, which helps generate new skin cells making lips softer than ever.

Hurraw is the best lip balm Philippines.

Kapha Lip Balm by Hurraw is a harmonious blend of a dizzying amount of different oils that include sesame oil, coconut oil, grapefruit peel oil, castor oil, ginger root oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, and tulsi leaf extract. The combination makes for a exotic lip balm experience.

Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide

This duo of oxides are ingredients that protect your skin from the bright, gigantic sun. SPF is one of the most important skincare ingredients and we have to remember that keeping our lips protected from UVA and UVB rays is extremely important, too! Your lips are just as susceptible to sun damage as the rest of your skin is.

Those are just a few of the ingredients to be on the lookout for when you’re trying to figure out which lip balm is the best lip balm for your dry lips. Maybe your favorite lip balm contains one of these ingredients, maybe not, does it really matter if you’ve found one that works for you? In case you haven’t though, we hope this list helps you on your way to find your perfect lip balm.

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