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Find Facial Wash for Dry Skin in This List!

Like any other part of your body, your skin needs plenty of TLC to stay healthy, especially those with dry skin. You might find yourself investing on many moisturizers but finding the best facial foam for your dry skin is just as important for your overall skin health. By choosing a facial wash for dry skin that goes beyond simple hydration, you are a step closer to achieving a healthy and happy skin. Leaving dry skin unattended can lead to more serious skin concerns such as cracked skin, dry patches, wrinkles, redness, and more. In this article, we go over some of the Beauty Bar team’s picks for best dry skin cleansers. If you are a Pinay with the dry skin type, then this article is for you! Pave the way to smooth, glassy skin with these top picks for dry skin facial wash!


How Do I Choose a Cleanser for Dry Skin?

Cleansers are only part of the solution, and should be used in conjunction with moisturizers to create lasting changes. However, picking out a facial wash for dry skin also involves taking a look at your other skin concerns in order to get the most bang for your buck. Below are some of our picks according to common skin concerns and considerations.


Best Budget Cleanser for Dry Skin: Human Nature Pore Clarifying Cleanser

When choosing the best facial cleanser for dry skin, some people prefer to choose an affordable and straight-forward formula that gets the job done. The Human Nature Pore Clarifying Cleanser is a powerhouse product with a pocket-friendly price tag. Certified 97.80% natural, hypo-allergenic, and vegan, this hard-working cleanser specifically targets your pores to minimize their appearance and cleanse them of any deep-seated build-up and oil. This 100mL bottle includes bamboo charcoal for improved oil absorption, bentonite clay for tightening skin, and passion fruit oil for fighting early signs of skin aging. This cleanser is for dry-skinned skinthusiasts on a budget because of its naturally-derived coco glucoside—a coconut-derived surfactant with moisturizing properties.

Best Low pH Cleanser for Dry Skin: Pili Ani Gentle Facial Cleanser

Did you know that having a low pH cleanser is a big part of keeping your skin balanced? Skincare products that are either too basic or too acidic can cause lasting damage to your skin if used too often. It is best to purchase cleansers with a low pH so you can be sure that it is balanced enough for regular use. The Pili Ani Gentle Facial Cleanser is a high-quality facial wash for dry-skin that is housed in a gorgeous bottle and is proudly Filipino-made. Some ingredients housed in this generous 150mL bottle are coco glucoside—a coconut-derived surfactant that moisturizes your skin and prevents dry patches, as well as lauryl glucoside—an eco-friendly surfactant that is natural and 100% gentle on sensitive skin.


Best Gentle Cleanser for Dry Skin: The Inkey List Oat Cleansing Balm

While our previous cleansers teeter more familiar territory as wash-off foam, the Inkey List Oat Cleansing Balm is a richer, creamier formula that works best when left on the skin for ten minutes. After this, it gently dissolves makeup with a dreamy, mousse-like texture. Though on the heavy side for facial washes for oily skin, this formula is perfect for drier skin types that need a bit more moisturizing. Because of its oatmeal base, this cleanser is a perfect choice for sensitive-skinned Filipinas that want both moisture and squeaky-clean skin. This cleanser comes from the award-winning brand Inkey List. As such, its ingredients are hard-working and high-quality! Some key ingredients include oat kernel oil, moisturizing ingredient that nourishes the protective barrier of your skin. Another would be 1% colloidal oatmeal, which helps to lessen the visibility of redness, irritation, and bumps while soothing your skin. This formula is so gentle that it can be used both in your AM and PM routines!


Best Nourishing Cleanser for Dry Skin: The Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser

Packed to the brim with nourishing ingredients and superfood additions, the Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser is a best-selling product from this upscale label. Created with their Full-Circle process, this Greek Yoghurt-based powerhouse is derived from a completely zero-waste process that preserves the probiotics and essential vitamins. This high-end pick for dry skin facial wash promises to lock in hydration, even out complexion, reduce redness, and deep clean even the most clogged pores. The ingredients included in this 150mL tube are Mediterranean Greek yoghurt, which conserves the skin’s natural balance with probiotics while moisturizing it with its rich, creamy texture. It also contains amaranthus caudatus seed extract, a naturally-derived lipid regulation compound that protects against harmful UV rays and light pollution—a must for commuters in bustling urban city centers.


Best Multi-Tasking Cleanser for Dry Skin: The Unbranded Cleansing Wash

The Unbranded Cleansing Wash comes in a convenient and travel-friendly packaging! Behind its simple packaging is a powerful, multi-tasking formula that acts as a cleanser and a toner all in one. This totable and moisturizing formula is so gentle that you can wipe it off if rinsing is not possible, making it the perfect choice for active individuals. The key ingredients in this 2-in-1 cleanser are Squalene—a moisturizing ingredient derived from high-quality olives. Aided by Niacinamide, which builds keratin, retains moisture, and keeps signs of aging and sensitivity at bay, the Unbranded Cleansing Wash is a streamlined cleansing formula that addresses many skin concerns. Pick this one up if you want a minimalist skincare routine!

Best Exfoliating Cleanser for Dry Skin: Plant Apothecary Rice and Clean Gentle Facial Cleanser

Plant Apothecary has amassed quite the following in recent years because of their nature-centric formulas and sustainable packaging. Coming in a unique, powdered form, this cleanser for dry skin is rooted in Japan’s long-standing practice of geisha using rice water for soft skin. Perfectly travel-friendly because of its powdered format, you can activate the Rice and Gentle Facial Cleanser’s ingredients by simply mixing it with clean water. The star components of this best dry skin cleanser are rice bran—a natural carrier of gamma oryzanol which promotes soft skin through mild exfoliation while offering UV damage protection. The second star ingredient is Chamomile, which prevents acne through anti-bacterial properties and soothes irritation. Pick this if you are a travel bug!

Best On-the-Go Cleanser for Dry Skin: Skin Lab Lift & Firm Cleansing Towelettes

Want a cleansing option that you can apply on the go? The Skin Lab Lift & Firm Cleansing Towelettes are the perfect thing to store in your purse if you want to clean up quickly. With each sheet being ultra-soft and infused with an ultra-moisturizing blend of Hyrdrolyzed collagen and Alore Vera, you can simply wipe your face before you kick back and relax! The star ingredients in this cleanser for dry skin are beneficial to all, no matter the skin type. Hydrolyzed collagen (also known as collagen peptides) are a perfect supplement to minimize signs of aging, promote scar healing, and improve skin elasticity with consistent use. Aloe Vera is an ultra-moisturizing ingredient that also promotes healing and lipid retention, while encouraging collagen release to complement the hydrolyzed collagen within the sheets. Though we would recommend a supplementary water-base cleanse, you can choose this if you want an instant pick me up after a busy day!

Best Oil-Based Cleanser for Dry Skin: Evoluderm Rinse-Off Cleansing Oil

Want healthy, soft skin that is perfectly moisturized? Apply a pump of oil to your face! Using facial oils are proven to improve the hydration of your skin by improving its lipid barrier and moisturizing your face. The Evoluderm Rinse-Off Cleansing Oil can be used as part of a two-step cleansing routine, or as your primary cleansing method. Either massage it into your face to cleanse off makeup before rinsing with warm water and moving on to your foam cleanser, or simply apply and rinse it as is. The star ingredients of this dry skin cleanser are Paraffinum Liquidium, an occlusive emollient that promotes skin relief and moisturization. It is also proven to reduce eczema symptoms and brighten your complexion. The second star ingredient is Isopropyl Palmitate. This naturally-derived moisturizer comes from palm oil or animal fat, making application easy while reinforcing your skin’s moisture retention. Pick this up for an ultra-moisturizing facial wash for dry skin!

At the End of the Day, Pay Attention to Your Skin.

Between these eight nourishing contenders for best face wash for dry skin, choosing the best one for you seems like an impossible task. You know your body best, so picking out a specific product boils down to which skin concerns you want to address on top of fighting dryness and moisturizing your skin. Beauty Bar Philippines stocks an impressive selection of facial cleansers that are geared to target skin concerns on top of cleansing your skin of dirt, oil, and impurities. Browse our curated collection of cleansers and pick out the best cleanser for your skin today!

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