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Beauty Reborn: Beauty Bar x Butta B

Spinning through Manila’s music scene, with style on point and makeup on fleek, Bea Alonso Te is the perfect match to kick off the beauty x passion collabs for the 20th year of Beauty Bar.

On the deck, Bea is Butta B, the head-turner, dancer-turned-DJ of Manila’s hottest hiphop scene. Her love for music got her from grooving to the beat, to eventually spinning them. But more than her music and moves, she caught our eyes with her powerful personal style. She struts in her streetwear and makeup the way she likes it - strong, edgy and very Butta B.

Painting the scene in technicolored funky trap, @beaalonsote’s love for music and beauty is captured in every photo and it radiates on every beat.

To kick off the year, we celebrate beauty x music, with Bea Alonso Te aka. Butta B. Here’s our beauty convo:

One beauty fave you need to have before going the deck/spinning?

I can’t go to any gig without a good mascara. I barely line my eyes with a liquid eyeliner, but as long as I have a really good volumizing mascara, I’m good to go. It feels weird to say but mascara and a good lippie really helps to give me the confidence I need when I’m about to do a show.


3 things always in your bag
  • Dr. Pawpaw tinted ultimate red balm
  • Eyelash curler
  • Any of my favorite lipstick at the moment. It differs almost every day/week

What’s your daytime skincare routine?

My routine is too easy. I just wash my face, put eye cream, moisturize, and put sunblock with high SPF on my face. I like having morena skin but I believe in always protecting your face with good SPF.

What’s your skincare routine before heading to bed?

I believe the more simple your routine is, the less the chances that you will irritate your skin. And since I have sensitive skin and don’t really have skin problems, I keep it easy for myself. I just make sure I remove all my make up with a wipe or micellar water. After that I wash my face, put on my eye cream, and moisturize with a night serum.
Being a DJ means working all night long, how do you avoid puffy eyes and dull skin?

I make sure that I put on my eye cream right before I put anything else on my face. Also, MOISTURIZE. It’s the best thing you can do for your skin. Plus, WATER. I easily drink maybe 2-3 liters of water a day.


What’s your signature lip color?

An orangey red is always my go-to when I’m going out for an event or a gig. it compliments my skin tone really well and it’s a good pop of color for any outfit.

Beauty Bar, with Butta B, ushers you in to a year of celebrating our passions! Whether you’re into music, arts, science, math or beauty, what you love is worth celebrating.

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