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New Beginnings


With the promise a new year brings, many of us are thinking about making positive changes in our lives. One area that you may want to focus on is your skincare routine! Whether you're a seasoned beauty enthusiast or just starting to experiment with cosmetics and skincare products, the new year is the perfect time to try out some new products and establish a regimen that will help you look and feel your best 🙌


One of the keys to successful skincare is finding the right products for your skin type. Whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin, there are products out there that can help you achieve the healthy, radiant complexion that you're after. If you're not sure what type of products will work best for you, consider consulting with a skincare professional or doing some research online to learn more about the different ingredients and formulas that are available.


In addition to finding the right products, it's also important to establish a consistent skincare routine. This means cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your skin on a regular basis, and incorporating other treatments, such as masks and exfoliants, as needed. A good skincare routine can help to prevent breakouts and other skin issues, and will leave your skin looking fresh and young! 



This milky toner hydrates, gently exfoliates, and smooths, leaving your skin balanced, moisturized, and radiant – like the full moon.



A trio of Retinol Skincare’s bestsellers, these minis deliver a full routine to clarify, hydrate and repair for healthy-looking radiance. 


Finally, the new year is also a great time to try out some new makeup looks. Whether you're a fan of bold and dramatic eye shadows or prefer a more natural and subtle approach, there are countless products and techniques out there that can help you achieve the look that you want. Don't be afraid to experiment with different colors and textures, and to try out new techniques, such as contouring or highlighting, to create the perfect look for you.

This non-sticky, moisturizing lip gloss is your shortcut to nourished, fuller-looking lips with a splash of L.A.-inspired color.


Our Magnetic Lash collection has a revolutionary multi-magnet technology that uses virtually invisible magnets, strategically embedded end-to-end for complete magnetic contact, so lashes lay down seamlessly along your natural lash line and don't flare out.


Good Dye Young’s semi-permanent hair dye line combines salon-grade pigments with a nontoxic, conditioning formula that deposits ultra vibrant color. Semi-permanent hair dyes do not damage the hair, in fact they’re super conditioning!


Overall, the new year is a great time to start fresh and focus on your skincare and beauty routine. By finding the right products, establishing a consistent process, and experimenting with new makeup looks, you can achieve the healthy, radiant complexion that you're after and start the new year off on the right foot.


So what are you waiting for? Make this year yours, #bbarbabe!

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