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All Out for CNY

As the Lunar New Year celebrations approach, many people around the globe get ready for their annual rituals – and beauty enthusiasts start stocking up on their favorite makeup supplies. Makeup has been part of Chinese culture for centuries, so it's no surprise that it continues to be an integral part of the Chinese New Year experience. From bold and daring looks to something a bit more traditional, Chinese New Year is the perfect time to show off your creative side and express yourself.

Historically, traditional Chinese faces were heavily emphasized, as makeup was used to highlight the features both men and women wanted to stand out. Bright red lipstick, rouge and white powder were prominent features of Chinese makeup. Lipstick was an essential element used to both look good and reflect health and well-being. Rouge was used to denote deep affection, while the white powder was used to achieve the pale, perfect complexion popular in the dynasties.

For the pale & luminous look, try this water-resistant, weightless liquid foundation from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Use this as a base for your lips to stay hydrated throughout your celebrations.


Layer any of these gorgeous red shades on top of your lip balm for that festive pop of color!


Modern Chinese makeup draws inspiration from both the history and current trends. Natural makeup is a popular choice, as well as vibrant pops of color and dramatic eye looks like the classic cat eyes. One popular trend for the New Year is embracing the iconic red color, as it represents good luck and prosperity. This can be done by using either subtle touches of red or with bold dashes of it throughout your look. Just like in traditional Chinese makeup, lipstick is still an essential part of the New Year look. But rather than the single statement red lip, people now take it up a notch with unique finishes and bold color combinations.


For that extra “oomph”, MOODmatcher’s got the perfect pencil that doubles as a Lip Liner and a Matte lipstick!

Draw the cat eye sharp enough to… stand out! This brush is your best friend for precise eye & lip looks.


For those who fancy something a bit more glamorous, gold eyeshadow is a perfect solution. With its sparkling texture, it serves as an excellent highlighter, offering both a subtle and eye-catching personality. Gold symbolizes wealth and prosperity, which makes it a great option for the start of the new year. False eyelashes can also be incorporated for added effect.


As the name suggests, this palette will give you that perfect Glam glow to complete your look.


No matter what direction you go for, makeup is a great way to start the Lunar New Year in style. Whether you go for traditional Chinese makeup or modern glam, you can enjoy perfecting your look in the comfort of your own home. Take it from one day to the next - after all, what better way to celebrate the new year than with a brand-new you?!

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