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7 Beauty Products You Can Give Your Friends and Family This Christmas

Do you feel that chill in the air, the wonderful signals that sprinkles of snow are fast approaching? Probably not since we live in the Philippines, and it’s pretty warm all year round. Nonetheless, it is undeniable that we are starting to see lanterns sold on the street, and people remembering the child in the manger as he sleeps… And Christmas songs are starting to resound in our brains. It must mean that Christmas is nearly here —otherwise Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer playing on repeat is very off season! Have you made your Christmas lists yet? If you haven’t, we’re here to make your Christmas shopping a little bit easier by compiling a few products from makeup to body washes, which is perfect for the people that made your year a little bit better.

For your mom

Back brush to give to your mom this Christmas.

Mom went through a lot of hurdles this year, for sure. Between worrying about her children, keeping the peace in the house, and keeping herself sane, she made time to show you all her love and affection. She deserves a bit of pampering so why not gift her with a pampering basket of tools to help her relax and unwind? The Far Reaching Back Brush is a great tool for your mom to scrub the stress away because not only does it encourage blood flow, it also allows her to massage and apply pressure to points in her back that would have been hard to reach otherwise. Drop a few masks into the basket and maybe include Skin Lab’s Lift and Firm Collagen Mask in there. Add in the beautiful Rose Quartz + Jade Crystal Roller that she can use in tandem with that and she will feel rejuvenated! Looking to add some more icing on the cupcake? Earth Therapeutics Dream Zone Sleep Mask will help her enjoy a well-deserved night’s sleep and have her well-rested for the coming morning.

For your dad

Razor set you can give to your dad this Christmas.

Dad has probably been through the wringer as hard as mom has. He might not have shown it as much, but he’s probably spent a few nights worrying about everyone’s health and keeping his family comfortable. Whether he’s been working from home or having to head into the office, he has probably forgotten that he deserves to be pampered and taken care of as well!! Gift him with a great razor like this Oska Precision Razor Set from grüum. Maybe even include the Shave Gel from danne so he can enjoy the luxury of the experience of shaving. Perhaps not think of the shaving process as something he has to do, but something he looks forward to in the mornings. Another popular and simple item you can give your dad this Christmas is hand soap — especially now that hand washing is pretty much required to keep you and your entire family safe at home. We really recommend our Mr. Joyful Soap + Wash Set for your dad. Not only is it an ideal gift for your dad, but it is also blended with Shea Butter to help your skin further.

For your siblings

Give a bottle of sunscreen to your siblings this Christmas.

We all miss the beach. Many things have been taken away this year. In normal times, we’d usually hit the beach to forget our troubles for a while, but given the current situation, that luxury was taken away. You siblings probably feel the same way, so why not give them the opportunity to  feel like they've been on a holiday from all this mess? The Ecococo Dark Self Tan will make you feel that you’ve been on a fun beach holiday  laying under the sun, swimming in the ocean, and ona relaxing break from the current situation. I mean, there are some beaches open now, and if you’re able to actually gift them with a beach getaway, why not include BioBalance’s Sunprotect Milk SPF 50+ to make sure that they protect their skin while they enjoy themselves.

For the children in your life

Give a bottle of hand wash to your children this Christmas.

Getting kids to keep their hands clean and scrubbed can be a chore, but during this time, it is especially important. Give their parents a hand and give your favorite children ,whether they’re your own, your sibling’s, or your friend’s, this adorable Penguin Vanilla Handwash from The Somerset Toiletry Co. The new problem will be getting them to stop rushing to the sink to admire their bottle of hand soap! In case you have more than one little rascal you want to give this to, there’s a Christmas Tree Frosted Spruce Handwash, a Snowman Vanilla Handwash, and a Santa Peppermint Handwash, too!

For the boyfriend

Give a bottle of perfume to your boyfriend this Christmas.

We love sniffing our significant others. That’s totally normal. While they have an everyday scent, maybe it’s time to spice up their collection of body sprays with a nice eau de perfume that they can use for special occasions? Vera Wang’s Signature for Men is a beautiful scent that he can wear when he gets fancy. Scents are powerful memory triggers so it’s a secret gift for you as well because every time you smell it, you can remember how good your man looked at those dressier events. On top of that, you can also add in a pomade from Hairgum. It is a great gift for your boyfriend to keep him looking fresh and sharp at all times. Not only does it work great on your boyfriend's hair, but both of you will also look wonderful on your mandatory Instagram photo this holiday season.

For the girlfriend

Give a floral bath and body set to your girlfriend this Christmas.

She smells great. We know she smells great, but why not introduce her to a new scent that might make her smell even better? AAA Floral Bath & Body Set is a beautiful lavender-scented collection that will remind her of you every time she uses it. Another way to make her holiday special is by helping her start the day right, you can do this by getting her a Start Happy Body Wash by Plant Apothecary.  If she is more into makeup, you can also give her a makeup palette like the Amrezy Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills, which can be a great addition to her makeup collection. If you’re feeling extra generous this Christmas, you can always give her all three items —after all Christmas is the season to be giving. What can be more romantic than that?  It is also an amazing feeling knowing that she uses and appreciates the gift, which will brighten up her Christmas..

For the kikay bestie

Complete your besties brush collection by giving this set for Christmas.

While you’d think a lipstick, eye shadow palette, or even nail polish would be the way to go, colors and shades can be a hit or a miss. On top of that, unless you’ve raided their collection, you risk giving them a double of something that they already own! If there’s anything a makeup lover knows, it’s that you can never have enough makeup brushes! From face brushes and sponges to eye brushes, there’s only one rule: the more, the merrier! There are so many good individual brushes and brush sets available on the market but the Japonesque Essential Brush Set is a great collection of brushes to add to your bestie’s collection

Hope this list helps you with your Christmas list! By the way, while you go around buying gifts for everyone you love, don’t forget to treat yourself too!

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