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The English Soap Co.

The english soap company

The English Soap Co., a family-owned company spent years perfecting the art of soap making and perfumery. They wanted make the perfect soap - a soap that is smooth and silky in texture moisturises rather than dries the skin and above all is effused with a luxurious designer perfume that lasts until the end of the bar. The English Soap Company's soaps are made from pure vegetable oils to which they add generous amounts of vegetable derived glycerine and shea butter from the African Karite tree to ensure that the bar both moisturises and nourishes the skin. To ensure that the texture of the bar is smooth and silky, a triple blending and refining process is used to ensure the mix is perfectly smooth before it goes to be pressed.

All perfumes used are made in England by expert perfumers and have been designed specifically for the English Soap Company. All its soaps & toiletries are generously perfumed with long lasting quality perfumes.

In the Autumn of 2017 the English Soap Company completed construction of its liquids and cream toiletries production line. The same care and commitment that has gone into their soap making has been made with these products.

Each English Soap Company product is made on-site in the heart of the English Sussex Countryside. All products are hand finished before going out, ensuring quality and care from inception to finish. All of its soaps and candles are pure vegetable based, vegan, and are not tested on animals whilst the liquids & cream toiletries are SLS & Paraben free.

Brand Story

The English soap Company was founded in 2000 by Bob & Juliet Butts after discovering a large number of vintage soap moulds lying disused in a machinery workshop farm in Kent. Inspired by the wonderful designs from a bygone age they set out to recreate the luxurious soaps they remembered from childhood. Bob put all his money from his software business to soap-making, and up to this day, he still designs the artwork for the packaging of their soaps. They are now celebrating their 20th year of making soaps. Bob and Juliet's son, Oliver, who joined the company in 2012, is now the managing director of the company. His wife Alisa, also works with him and the family.
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