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One Earth Organics




We created One Earth Organics to offer a simpler and finer approach to beauty: natural beauty enhanced and maintained naturally by our advanced plant-based formulas and the most potent certified organic and natural ingredients we use.

We don’t like harmful chemicals/toxins. We nourish, balance and restore your skin with this simple yet powerful alternative instead. It’s safer and it makes more sense.

The result- healthier, more radiant beauty that glows not just skin deep but self-deep.

One Earth Organics…Your organic beauty solution!

Brand Story

These days, people are looking to return to a more natural way of living and this includes not only choosing all-natural food,but also all natural everything. The journey to entrepreneurship of Ma Tyfannie Anne Short, or Tyff to her close circle, began when she got frustrated with the chemical-based skin product she was using personally, and even a reseller of. Unable to find an alternative, Tyff took cuefrom the global healthy-lifestyle shift and developed One Earth Organics. It is a proudly Filipino brand, organic skin and personal care line, that can deliver the samegreat or even better long-term results.Every entrepreneur will be faced with the challenge of getting a small business started. Now, add in the responsibilities and time demands of being a single mother, and the path gets that much more challenging. But for this mompreneur, a mix of street smart, creativity and sheer determination, starting a business meant creating a better life for herself and her son,even if it meant quitting her job and investing her hard-earned money for this passion and opportunity.

Starting from scratch, her organic line, One Earth Organics, now includes underarm kit, bath soaps, feminine wash, facial and body moisturizers, essential oils, make up and slimming tea and coffee. Everything is madefrom plant and food-based ingredients including antioxidant blends. The line is free from animal testing, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances and artificial colors. Unfazed with the limit of having a physical store, Tyff saw that the Internet movement has accelerated and that online purchase has widely becoming a practice in the Philippines. Consumers are turning to search engines and social media for information more than ever before. Indeed, social media has redefined direct selling in this era, as it has put the world at our fingertips. With this P2P or peer-to-peer economy, shoppers can shop online from their phones and take recommendations from friends.

The success of the brand’s FB and IG account: One Earth Organics Beauty- was largely because of the quality of content being shared, such as product knowledge, consumer education and client testimonials, and the engagement and speed to respond to customer inquiries. Through embracing this unique edge, One Earth Organics was able to preserve and even highlight that special emphasis on personal relationships that direct sales company enjoy.

Because two heads are better than one, Tyff armed herself with the knowledge and expertise of close friends to help her maximize the rate of the success of the brand. It was able to expand beyond expectations. One Earth Organics has grown and even shared its success to its loyal clients turned distributors. And through their business seeder packages, it welcomes more ambitious men and women, who are looking for an opportunity to create their own success stories, where the rewards depend only on effort and ability, and where there is no limit to how much you can earn.
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