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Say goodbye to hiding

your natural beauty!

There are many ways to look more beautiful Makeup skin care, spa treatments,
fashionable clothes, and even medical procedures are methods to conceal and beautify.

But LuLuLun knows something special. The beauty of healthy skin is not hidden behind makeup, beautiful skin should be just as it is.

We know that each one of you is beautiful just the way you are - when you are not wearing makeup, when your hair is freshly washed.

That is what LuLuLun is seeking for.
We want to bring out the best of you, the simple beauty of your heart - that goes for all people, equally.

We look at more than whether a product works, but where our ingredients come from and how our products are made.

We worked to create products that are simple and easy to use.
We cut all unnecessary costs and passed this on to you, so you can keep using LuLuLun for a long time.

We are serious about helping all people who want to look more beautiful - and always will be.

Brand Story

LuLuLun is one of the biggest and best selling face masks and beauty brands in Japan.

LuLuLun was founded on the idea of providing special care face masks that can be used daily to uncover the best of you, to seek out the natural beauty hidden behind makeup that goes for everyone, equally.

That's why LuLuLun is not only affordable to all but offers superior Japanese quality.

LuLuLun only uses the best fragrance-free, artificial coloring-free, mineral oil-free natural ingredients and carefully tested out combinations for optimum treatment. Adopting an unique 3-layer structure and a perfected cuttings and skin adherence, LuLuLun face masks allow deep penetration of beauty ingredients and results in radiant and supple skin everyday.
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