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Good Dye Young

Hair Lightening Kit

₱ 895.00
  • Our Hair Lightening Kit is exactly what you need to bleach hair to that perfect white canvas so it’s ready to show off some vibrant color. We doubled the size of our kit to give you more value.

    Kit includes:
    Dust Free Powder Lightener (1.34 oz.) & 25 Volume Cream Developer (4 oz.)
    Coconut Oil to condition hair during the lightening process
    Dust-Free Powder Lightener contains Soy Protein to minimize damage by protecting and strengthening hair from the lightening process

    Lightens the hair and opens the cuticle, to properly receive our ultra vibrant Semi-Permanent pigments
    25 Volume Creme Developer, gentle enough for light brown hair but powerful enough to lighten darker hair as well

    Vegan. Cruelty Free. Gluten Free.
    Please Follow Directions for Use

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I haven't bleached my hair in ages, I wanted to do something besides a typical bleach box kit from a drug store and happened to stumble upon this! I couldn't believe how well it lifted, I will preface by saying I have a buzzcut, so it was very even. I did leave it on for about twenty minutes, and it wasn't overly brassy afterwards, it did have a very slight yellow tint, but my lighting is also fairly poor. Easily the blest lightening kit I've ever used!

best hair lightener on the market tbh

I'm so impressed with how well this worked on lightening my naturally black hair WITHOUT damaging it. My hair still feels sooo healthy and it gave me the perfect base for my new shade. If ur on the fence i say go for it!!

Now I Get All The Hype

I started using a cream lightener years ago and havent looked back. Then I tried this stuff! I had used their color before, but only when my hair had been pre-lightened. I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! It was extremely effective on everything! And I mean EVERYTHING. It lightened it all extremely well with just a single application without any brassy tones at the root or muted, pastel leftovers where the blue and green had been. I'll be a repeat customer for sure.


This kit is the easiest, quickest and most gentle hair lightening kit ive ever used. 1000% recommend. Just remember, it is still bleach so follow the instructions and be careful!

The Best LK on the market

Hi Love this lightening kit, it lifts slowly...but my hair feels good after. Its really user friendly, and the directions are very clear. My new go to lightening kit! BEST