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A Time of Gathering - Eau de Toilette


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A Time of Gathering - Eau de Toilette

Héloïse de V.


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    The unique smell of a freshly cut flower; a tribute to the flower pickers of yester-year who were up at dawn to pick the rose petals.



    Heloise De V. has imagined fragrances which embody aromatic recollections conjuring up the South of France. The perfumes of He?loi?se de V. are rooted in the heart of the Uze?s region, which boasts a rich heritage of fragrances, both rare and authentic. Celebrated by poets and artists for its gentle lifestyle, it is also renowned for the beauty of its architecture. Down a winding alley, it is not unusual to discover, through a half-open doorway, some unexpected treasures: secret aromatic gardens, a maze of flower covered interior courtyards, preserved facades. The Collection includes a range of perfumes, scented products for the home and innovative fashion accessories as the perfect gifts. Does not contain any materials derived from human or animal sources. Héloïse de V.’s products are not tested on animals. It is paraben-free, phenoxyethanol-free, OGM-free, silicon-free, nanoparticle-free, PEG-free, dye-free.